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roofers RomfordRoofing needs to be sturdy and weatherproof in order to provide efficient protection for your home. Licensed and qualified roofers know the importance of installing a strong roof to make sure that rain, wind and snow doesn’t penetrate the roof and create a hole in your house.

Many people make the mistake of choosing a roof type for its appearance and don’t realise that a roofing materials have different properties and the shape of your roof can affect the suitability of these materials. This means that the roofs don’t last and repairs can end up costing you more than you intended. For this reason, you should consider hiring licensed roofers to install, repair or replace your roof.


Romford Roofing Contractors Are Experienced

With the help and expertise of a roofing contractor, they can help you decide on a roof that fits your property’s structure, your budget and can withstand local weather conditions.

A professional can answer questions that you may have about your roof such as;

• What is the condition of my current roof and can I reuse the slate/titles? If so, what percentage is reusable?
• Will the weight of my new roof have a negative impact on the stability of my roof structure?
• Do I need roof ventilation?
• How will you join my neighbour’s roof?
• What will you be replacing the valleys and flashings with?
• Do I need planning permission?


Before hiring the roofing contractor, you should also ask them questions to make sure that you are informed and both on the same page.

• What are the costs?
• What needs to be replaced?
• Which materials will be used?
• Are you insured to work on my property?
• How long have you been in the business, what is the guarantee and what does it cover me for?


Romford Roofers Will Guarantee Customer Satisfactionroofing

Our roofers have the training and experience that you need to have a strong, stable and weatherproof roof. Not only are our roof installers qualified, they have the knowledge and experience to make the best out of your investment. We take extra care with our customer services and make sure that you are happy with all work done to your roof.
Choosing our roofers to carry out repairs and installations will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and our quality of work and positive attitude will guarantee satisfaction.

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