The Advantages of Flat Roofs

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flat roofFlat roofs are known to be one of the most versatile options of roofing. Having a flat roof opens up design possibilities which other roof forms don’t do. The versatility of flat roofs create benefits, they allow the space to be made into a recreational space. It also opens up other design possibilities such as green roofs, which contain natural habitats and photovoltaic arrays used for energy production.

Flat roofs are the perfect place for PV installation, which can help save money on energy bills and provides a renewable energy source, which in itself is environmentally friendly.

Flat roofs also offer practical advantages as well as visual. For example, it creates extra space. A roof area that is attached to a terrace can give your property another area of living space.

Flat roofs also allow for the indoor space to be utilised to its full potential. Slanted roofs create a slanted ceiling and cuts away space in your room. Having a flat roof installed is also a good solution to creating more space in the rooms of your property’s top floor.


Flat Roof Systems

You should consider the lifespan, cost, damage resistance, repair ability, flexibility breathe ability and any installation concerns before deciding on a type. 

Felt – Torch on felt is usually applied in a 3 flat roof coveringlayer system – a vapour control layer, a 2mm reinforced felt layer and a 4mm felt layer called a cap sheet. The lifespan ranges from 10-20 years depending on how well it is maintained. This material is one of the cheapest options and can easily be repaired if any damages do occur from things such as foot traffic in hot weather. Modern roofing felt also has good expansion and contraction properties.

EPDM – Rubber roofs can typically be installed in one layer without any joins, which makes them more attractive. It is also lightweight, flexible, tough and water resistant. It can last for up to 50 years and the costs can be very competitive. Dependant on the layer underneath the EPDM, the vapour transmission will vary, however glued down EPDM has been found to breathe less than a torch on felt.

Fibreglass – This can be a great option as GRP is factory made with trims and can be dyed to any colour. The lifespan of a fibreglass roof is usually around 25 years and a well installed fibreglass roof can easily reach this. This is normally the more expensive option out of the three, however it is incredibly resistant to most damages once cured and can be repaired with virtually no evidence of any damage.

While there are resins that have more flexible qualities, fibreglass is still not as flexible as felt or rubber so larger roofs need to be planned out before any work can be done. On the other hand, fibreglass is not very breathable. Houses with condensation issues may not be an ideal candidate for this type of flat roof.


Flat Roofing Contractors

Because flat roofs can lose a lot of heat, they need to be well insulated. Insulation also helps prevent any leaking, which in turn stops the materials from deteriorating over time. When you are replacing a flat roof you should also consider getting insulation installed for a more economical solution.

We can help you with all of your queries and concerns, whether you want to get a flat roof installed or you are looking to replace the material on top.

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