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From a hole to shrinkage, your roof can go through a lot if it isn’t looked after. Some problems occur over time and can only be fixed when they happen; others can be avoided and prevented with good installation and maintenance from the help of a roofing company. 

Some common roof problems are:

Roof leaks and moisture – leaks can be caused by damage to the exterior of the roof and can penetrate through layers of your home if not fixed.

Blow offs, tenting, billowing and reduced wind uplift resistance – Poorly installed flashing can result in open seams and laps, ultimately causing blow offs and reduced puncture resistance. Wind uplift resistance can also be reduced if seams aren’t cured properly.

Ponding water – Water can pool and destroy the roof. Flat roofs should have tapered insulation or crickets installed to help move water to collection points and drain pipes.roof repair

Punctures – High traffic areas will be more prone to punctures in the roofing material, especially for single-ply or SPF roof systems.

Shrinkage – EPDM can shrink leading to cracks, blisters, ridges and splits on the shingles or surface of your roof.

Blistering – Along with ridging, surface erosion and splitting, blistering is commonly seen in built up roof membranes. Some people see blistering as too minor to call a roof repair service for however, larger blistering should be addressed and repaired.


Roof Leak Repair Needs To Be Repaired By A Professional

You may have a leaky roof and not even know until the damages are done. If you have water stains that go across ceilings and walls, the cause will most probably be a roof leak. While fixing a leak in a roof is fairly straightforward, tracking down the source of the leak is more difficult.

Trying to track the source of the leak yourself is not ideal and should be done by a professional. This is because sometimes the damage is hidden and hard to reach.

The obvious signs to look for with a leaking roof:

• Any penetrations and damages on the ceiling or roof structure from plumbing and roof vents, chimneys, dormers and any other objects that project from the roof
• Water stains on ceilings and walls
• Black marks
• Mold on walls or in the attic


Emergency Roof Repair Services Can Save You Money

If you have roof leak, it should be identified and fixed immediately. Even if there are no majorly visible damages, a minor leak can cause major damages if left unrepaired. Any holes in your roof can allow water and rain to get through and cause leaks, floods and further damages to the structure of the roof. It also allows leaves, dirt and pests to enter your home through your roof. Leaving a leak can also lead to bigger problems such as mold, rotted framing and sheathing, damages ceilings and destroyed insulation. These are all more expensive and extensive to repair than a hole in the roof.

An emergency roof repair service is the key to maintaining a strong roof and a safe home. Our roof repair service aims to be at your door within the same day of your call, so any further damages can be prevented as soon as possible.

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